Income Solutions

Monthly income with listed secured bonds

M12 Global specialises in providing investors with a monthly income stream by investing in our listed and secured bonds.

With interest rates at record lows, we know many investors are increasingly looking beyond the banks to earn better returns on their money.

M12 Global bonds are designed to provide investors with predictable monthly income and competitive returns with the added benefit of potential liquidity through trading on the London Stock Exchange.

Access to the corporate bond market

Listed bonds are a way for investors to access the potential benefits of the corporate bond market that is otherwise reserved for professional and institutional investors.

Unlike in many other developed markets, the UK bond market is relatively underutilised. We are looking to change that by creating a platform that allows both companies and investors to participate.

Opportunity for higher yields

Returns are due to be higher than the Bank of England’s cash rate with interest being paid monthly via a coupon until the bond matures.

Investor Information:

All investments carry risks compared to holding cash, where investors capital is at risk. Please ensure you familiarise yourselves with our Key Benefits and Risks section before investing, as well as Our Secured Approach to understand the measures being put in place to help provide a product where investors risks have been considered.

Capital guarantee

All our bonds are expected to be issued with an insurance wrapper to give investors the added confidence of the return of their capital invested (the initial investment value) at maturity. Investors should note the insurance means invested capital will be protected, however the returns (income coupons) are not.

Reduced exposure to market volatility

With a fixed interest rate, investors are protected from the possible effects of inflation and other risks caused by market volatility.


M12 Global bonds will be available to all investors, both retail and institutional, that successfully meet all application criteria.

Minimum investment amount

Investors will be able to participate in M12 Global bonds from just £10,000 with optional £5,000 increments thereafter.

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