Money. Activated. M12 Global listed retail bonds offer investors a predictable monthly income with competitive returns

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Activate your idle money with M12 Global’s listed retail bonds.

Invest in our retail bonds to access competitive rates of return and monthly interest payments with the transparency and liquidity of the London Stock Exchange

Offer expected to open in Q2 2020.

Fixed Interest Rates

M12 Global’s listed retail bonds aim to offer a competitive fixed interest rate with distributions paid monthly via a coupon over a 3 to 5 year period.


Insurance Protection

At M12 Global we know investors are looking for competitive, stable fixed income returns while being confident that their investment is secure.

Our bonds will be principal protected by a leading insurer. This means that in the unlikely event of a default, the insurer will guarantee the return of your initial investment.

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London Stock Exchange

M12 Global bonds are intended to be listed on the London Stock Exchange’s Order Book for Retail Bonds (ORB), a dedicated market that provides retail investors the opportunity to invest in corporate bonds.

Being listed ensures a fair and regulated market with all bonds subject to the London Stock Exchange’s highest standards of market supervision, monitoring and regulatory oversight.


As a listed security, investors will have the ability to invest in an M12 Global bond just like a share and access a secondary market of buyers and sellers.  

It also means that any time during the life of the bond, investors will be permitted to sell their investment (within market hours and in normal market conditions) on the open market through a licensed stockbroker before their maturity date. 



M12 Global has established a platform that allows companies to raise investment from the UK retail market, while giving retail investors the opportunity to invest in corporate bonds.

Underlying Asset Security

All bond proceeds that are deployed via our company partners are secured by assets or guarantees. This security is held by an independent bond trustee for the benefit of investors (or bond holders).

In the unlikely event of a double default by both the underlying company and the company insuring the bond, investors have the right to the underlying security. This provides additional protection for investors to ensure their capital is preserved.



M12 Global Limited is an Appointed Representative of Sapia Partners LLP, a firm regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) for the purpose of distributing and making arrangements for the bond.

All bonds listed on the London Stock Exchange are reviewed for listing by FCA to ensure it meets the requirements of the London Stock Exchange.

Investing with M12 Global

Upcoming Offers

M12 Global’s upcoming listed retail bond is due to be issued and listed on the London Stock Exchange in Q2 2020 and will be the first bond issued under the M12 Global Funding Bond Programme. 

The programme will offer investors the opportunity to invest in a bond issue that aims to generate a monthly coupon payment at a competitive rate of return with terms available between 3 to 5 years.

How to Invest

To participate in the upcoming M12 Global Retail Bond, you’ll need to complete the application form that will be made available in the Prospectus.

To receive a copy of the Prospectus (as and when it becomes available) please register your interest by signing up to our newsletter.

Stay Informed

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We’ll send you a copy of the Prospectus when it becomes available with details on how you can apply to invest.

About M12 Global

M12 Global is a UK-based investment services company that specialises in the structuring and arranging of fixed-rate bonds for retail and institutional investors in the UK on behalf of growth companies that seek access to capital.

Our mission is to ‘activate’ idle cash by raising money in low interest rate environments where it sits idle and deploy it in high growth, high interest environments where there is strong demand for credit.

Bonds offered by M12 Global are aimed to provide investors with a reliable and trusted fixed income alternative to traditional savings accounts, bank deposits, fixed-rate investment accounts, corporate bonds, government bonds and other income products, which currently offer minimal returns to investors.

We are a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Mayfair 101 Group, an international investment and corporate advisory group with assets in 11 countries and offices in London, Sydney and Melbourne.

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M12 Global’s CEO, Charles Grant, outlines how M12 Global is providing investors with an alternative to bank deposits and other fixed income products.

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